Scholarly Communication Education Initiatives · 81
equipped to advise the researchers. We are going to prepare a flyer about open access and author rights. This
will be distributed to incoming graduate students, but will also be handy to just have on hand in the libraries.”
“The intent at our library is to involve all departmental liaison librarians in the education process. So far there
is not a significant percentage of librarians that have begun to include scholarly communication activities into
their repertoire. Everyone is stretched thin as it is so adding something more is not relished.”
“The Libraries have received funding for a new position for scholarly communication and research liaison,
and recruitment will begin shortly. Other information: We are a founding member of SPARC and continue to
support SPARC initiatives. Some of our researchers have created new journals which are open access or have
modest subscription costs. Librarians have advised researchers on creating journals. Open access journals are
linked from the libraries’ catalogue and Web site. Our strategic plan (2007 through 2011) includes outcomes
related to scholarly communication to ‘promote and support open access,’ ‘work collaboratively with Research
Western to achieve a method of managing publication costs for researchers who publish in open access
electronic journals,’ and ‘coordinate the development of an institutional repository.’”
“The library has recently created an AUL position to focus more on this issue and create initiatives to address
this area of concern.”
“The library, in collaboration with the University Provost, is planning to establish a Scholarly Communication
Committee composed of faculty and librarians.”
“We are re-organizing to form a Scholarly Communications Support Unit by fall 2007. Hopefully, our responses
will be different by next spring. Please consider repeating the survey.”
“We have been engaging in SC activities for some years but only in 2007 have we begun formalizing
these activities in a coherent SC program with a committee dedicated to coordinating the activities and the
communications to support them.”
“We have created a position description for reallocating a vacant librarian position to become a Scholarly
Communications Librarian. We have started a digital press to demonstrate open access publishing for peer-
reviewed scholarly and specialized works.”
“We will be rolling out our institutional repository in fall 2007 and will undertake an authors rights education
initiative at that time.”
“Work in this general area is a strategic planning emphasis/target for the libraries over the next year.”
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