Scholarly Communication Education Initiatives · 29
Members Makeup of Members Comments
5 Librarians 1.Head of the Biosciences Library, 2.Head of the Anthropology
Library, 3.Electronic Resources Librarian/Scholarly Communication
Officer, 4.AUL, Director of Collections, 5.Assistant to the Director of
5 Librarians Our group is working in collaboration with another institution
located 3 blocks from us, with 2–3 staff from that organization
working with us to develop joint events targeted at both
communities (and with each individual library having additional
activities directed exclusively to their home institution).
5 Librarians
5 Librarians
5 Librarians Currently the committee is composed of five librarians but in the
coming months we will expand the committee to include faculty and
university administration.
5 Librarians, Faculty Group is primarily focused on creation of dSpace Institutional
5 Librarians, Institution Administrators This group has a somewhat broader mandate than Scholarly
Communication as defined by ARL. For instance, group members are
expected to advise faculty to publish in Elsevier journals when that
is in the best interest of the faculty member, the discipline, and the
5 Librarians The Office of Scholarly Communication and Publishing (OSCP)
reports to the Library Services Council (i.e., directors from across the
campus). The Memorial Library Director is the administrative point
person for the OSCP.
5 Librarians, Institution Administrators The committee is primarily tasked with copyright and fair use issues.
6 Librarians, Faculty The committee is active only during the planning stages of the
biannual SC symposium. There is a work group to advise the work of
the Institutional repository staff. The Assistant Dean and Coordinator
of SC does most of the content recruitment work for the IR.
6 Librarians A group of librarians interested in scholarly communications issues is
working together informally.
6 Librarians Ad hoc committee to conduct needs assessment for IR.
7 Librarians, Library support &
professional staff
We established this Copyright Committee this year to update the
library’s copyright Web pages, bring programming to campus, to
respond to questions about intellectual property, and to develop a
copyright policy for the University Libraries.
7 Librarians
8 Librarians
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