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Members Makeup of Members Comments
8 Librarians
9 Librarians
10 Librarians, Systems staff
10 Librarians 2 group co-chairs, reporting to 3 project sponsors.
11 Librarians
12 Librarians
15 Librarians, Faculty, Non-faculty
Researchers, Institution Administrators,
The University Library Committee is an advisory committee that
advises the dean and her administrative leadership on issues of
importance to the library, including scholarly communication.
17 Librarians, Faculty Each dean appoints a member of his or her college to the Faculty
Library Council. The university administration recently endorsed the
idea of having the FLC assume, as one of its responsibilities, the role
of being a scholarly communication committee. It will take up these
duties officially at the beginning of the 2007–-08 academic year.
18 Librarians, Faculty, Non-faculty
Researchers, Institution Administrators,
University Press
Changes Librarians The role of this committee is to organize an annual symposium. The
membership of the committee changes from year to year as does the
member of the library administration who acts as the point person.
Librarians Digital Initiatives Group
Committee is in the process of being created.
Librarians A small group of three or four librarians are particularly interested
and active in SC issues and activities. However, SC is a growing
concern of all bibliographers.
The library plans to form an SC committee, but it will wait until the
new SC librarian is hired and in place.
We have worked on these issues through system-wide collections
management groups that is currently our Collection Management
and Planning Group. However, We are currently considering
developing an independent group with strong connections to the
library’s Education and Outreach program.
We had a Scholarly Communication Subcommittee of the
University Library Committee for many years, but it was deemed
to have completed its charge with the maturation of the Scholarly
Communication Center and was disbanded prior to 2004.
From 2004–2005 a Working Group was created to present an action
plan for reviving campus discussions on scholarly communication.
This group is no longer active.
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