Scholarly Communication Education Initiatives · 23
Within Library
Chief SC
Library Staff
Outside Library
Other, please specify other
leadership arrangement
Responsibility is diffuse and is a
collective responsibility of both the
Digital Initiatives Group and the
Interdisciplinary Teams
Responsibility is distributed. Staff
involved include Deputy University
Librarian, the library’s legal advisor,
and subject librarians.
No one has responsibility.
No individual person or office
3. If your library has a chief SC librarian who has primary responsibility for these initiatives, please
indicate the title of that position and the approximate percentage of the chief SC librarian’s
time that is devoted to SC education–related work. N=21
Position Title Percent of Time Devoted to SC Education
Assistant University Librarian for Collections and Scholarly
Associate University Librarian for Collections and Scholarly
Unknown, currently hiring for this position
Assistant Dean for Scholarly Communication Just starting, part of many duties
Associate Librarian for Information Resources 5%
AUL, Sciences &Scholarly Communications 5%
Assistant Dean and Coordinator for Scholarly Publishing 7%
Assistant University Librarian, Collections 10%
Scholarly Communication Officer 15%
Electronic Resources Librarian/Scholarly Communication Officer 20%
Director, Information Resources, Collections and Scholarly
AUL Tech Services and Scholarly Communication 20%
Interim Associate University Librarians for Scholarly Communication
and Collections
Scholarly Communication Librarian 25%
Scholarly Communication Officer 25%
Assistant Dean for Scholarly Communications 30% or less
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