Scholarly Communication Education Initiatives · 73
Who Category of Challenge Description of Challenge
Faculty Tenure process A certain reluctance by some (many?) faculty to accept that OA journals can be
every bit as scholarly as non OA journals.
Faculty Tenure process Communicating and explaining the detrimental impact on our campus’
institutional (library) budget of individual faculty decisions to publish in and
serve on the editorial boards of journals with irresponsible pricing models.
The issue is compounded by the fact that expensive commercial journals
may appear ‘free’ to many users working in their offices or home computing
Faculty Tenure process Communicating message that faculty promotion and tenure system needs to
Faculty Tenure process Criteria for promotion and tenure (scholarly publication requirements).
Faculty Tenure process Difficulties addressing changes to promotion and tenure requirements that
would be needed to become more active with open access initiatives.
Faculty Tenure process Difficulty of influencing cultural change (such as the P&T process, habits of
Faculty Tenure process Emphasizing and reemphasizing the need for authors to retain their copyright.
Again, the pressure to publish outweighs the rights issue for many.
Faculty Tenure process Faculty are concerned that if they publish in an open access journal or if they
add addenda to the agreements that they sign with publishers, high quality
publishers, especially the highly regarded scholarly societies like the ACS and
RCS will not want to publish their work.
Faculty Tenure process Faculty are hesitant to do anything that will disadvantage them in the
promotion and tenure process.
Faculty Tenure process Faculty have fears and reservations about open access particularly with respect
to tenure and promotion.
Faculty Tenure process Faculty tenure process.
Faculty Tenure process Like everyone else, we face the challenge of anxiety about promotion and
tenure getting in the way of faculty working for change in the SC environment.
Faculty Tenure process Many faculty still say that it’s most important to publish in the most prestigious
journal in their field and are dubious about the merits of open access journals.
This is changing, but changing slowly.
Faculty Tenure process The basic rewards issues are still tough areas to deal with. Despite years of
discussions, the rewards process remains relatively the same with publishing in
high profile journals a major component of rewards systems. Other work in OA
journals, etc. is now considered but still the major considerations are the high
profile journals.
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