Scholarly Communication Education Initiatives · 61
Delivery method Audience Content Most Effective Activity
Faculty meeting Department
SC Liaison participation in departmental meetings seems to generate
interesting and discipline-specific discussions. However, it can be
difficult to get time on appropriate agendas.
Faculty networks Faculty SC Word-of-mouth through faculty networks has increased
awareness of our services and boosted our reputation due to
good recommendations.
Focus groups All IR Starting an institutional repository. This has been a way to
address issues of electronic theses and alternatives to commercial
publishing. We have used focus groups effectively.
Focus groups Faculty IR Faculty focus groups conducted by the libraries on specific topics,
such as digital scholarship and reasons faculty have deposited
(or not) in institutional repositories. These are some of the few
opportunities for cross-discipline communication among faculty,
and all participants seems to gain insight and appreciate the
opportunity to learn from others.
Goal setting (library) Librarians SC Engaged librarians through active-learning exercises and official
Grad school info
Grad Students SC Info packet as part of electronic thesis submission.
Informal meeting Department
IR Talking at departmental, lab or small group levels about the
institutional repository. This gives faculty and graduate students
concrete activities which they can take, and specific concerns
which they can express. Dialog evolves around the repository on
all types of topics.
Informal meeting Department
SC Informal meeting with individual academic department.
Informal meeting Faculty Open access Discussion of effects of open access publishing on promotion and
tenure practice.
Informal meeting Faculty,
humanities and
social sciences
SC Initiating a joint publishing program with the university press has
given us multiple opportunities to raise the visibility of collateral
damage to humanities and social sciences publishing.
Lecture series Librarians SC Provincial research libraries group: lecture series.
Marketing All IR The various publicizing activities associated with establishing,
getting buy-in to, and maintaining our increasingly successful
institutional repository.
Marketing All Journal crisis Widely publicized rationale for going e-only with journals.
Marketing College Faculty
IR Marketing of the Institutional Repository at each college’s faculty
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