Scholarly Communication Education Initiatives · 31
6. If there is a scholarly communication group/committee/task force that reports outside the
library that includes library staff, please indicate which unit sponsors the group (e.g., institution’s
administration, faculty governance body, etc.), the number of members of the group, the title
of the chairperson, and to whom the group reports. Please provide any explanatory comments
in the box below. N=9
Members Sponsor Group Reports To Chairperson
8 Academic Senate Academic Senate
9 President Professor of Chemistry
11 Provost University Librarian 2 chairs: Assistant Professor in Information &Library
Science and Copyright &Scholarly Communication
12 Chancellor and Academic
Advises Chancellor Professor, Department of History
15 Office of the Chancellor Office of the Chancellor Associate Vice Chancellor &Head of CDM in
University Libraries, Co-Chairs
16 Academic Senate Academic Senate Professor, Art History
21 Faculty Senate Committee
on University Libraries
University Faculty Senate
Professor of Marketing &Policy Studies
21 University Libraries
University President and
Vice President &Provost
872 Academic Senate Academic Senate Chair, Senate Committee on Library &Scholarly
Please indicate the makeup of the members. Check all that apply. N=9
Faculty 9 100%
Librarians 8 89%
Students 4 44%
Institution administrators 3 33%
Non-faculty researchers 0
Other, please specify 1 11%
University Librarian
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