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Summary Outcomes
Interest in library’s OA journal
The most visible outcomes from our SC program have really been the result of developing a
publication initiative, the Office of Digital Scholarly Publishing. Through this effort we have
been able to educate our collaborators very effectively and have convinced three journals to
publish their back files online open access through us, as well as developing an open access
publishing model for a professional organization’s conference proceedings in engineering
education. The initiative has given us the ability not only to talk about the system, but point
to concrete examples of how one might address the problems in the system.
Interest in library’s OA journal
We have a number of faculty members who are also editors of journals who are now
engaged in the process of moving their publications to OA, using the Open Journal Systems
platform, which the library hosts. Many others are interested and have approached us for
more information.
Interest in library’s OA journal
Interest in library’s OA journal
The library’s creation/sponsorship of four peer-reviewed OA journals.
IR developed The library’s institutional repository.
IR development support A high level committee has been formed to develop a college-wide Digital Repository.
College Counsel is very interested in staying updated on these issues.
IR development support Resolutions passed by Faculty Council in 2005: to engage the Provost to create a task force
on scholarly communications... and create a task force on establishing an institutional
IR development support The university is currently in a strategic planning phase the university strategic plan
discussion paper includes a proposal to develop a policy statement related to archiving and
providing open access to its research output.
IR submissions Number of items deposited in Digital Commons.
IR submissions Faculty starting open-access journals via eScholarship Repository, as well as submitting other
types of research materials (post-print articles working papers conference papers, etc.)
Much talk but little
We have some general resolutions and statements, etc., but many of us have stacks of these
stuck away in our bottom drawers. What I’d like to see is more OA journals &books based
in IRs and action from funding agencies that require OA reporting of results.
OA support We have had some success convincing journal editors to switch to an open access model
and have seen individual faculty members emerge as strong advocates for open access.
Senate Resolution Resolutions from the Faculty Senate.
Senate resolution for
increased library funding
Faculty Senate resolution in support of increased funding for library acquisitions.
Senate resolution for OA and
Resolution passed by Faculty Council in 2005: ...faculty are owners of their own research &
should retain ownership and use open access publications, whenever possible.
Senate resolution heightened
faculty awareness
The endorsement of the Tempe Principles and the Scholarly Publishing Resolution by the
Faculty Senate generated vigorous discussion and heightened awareness of the issues.
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