Scholarly Communication Education Initiatives · 35
SC Education Activities
Potential Audience: Faculty
8. Please tell us about SC education activities your library has undertaken since 2004 or plans to
undertake in 2007 that are intended for faculty. N=58
For which faculty have SC education activities been intended?
If SC education activities have been intended for faculty from across the entire institution, check “All
faculty.” If activities have been intended for faculty in only some departments or disciplines, check “Specific
discipline(s).” If activities have not been intended for faculty at all, check “Not targeted” and continue to the
next page.
All faculty 53 91%
Specific discipline(s) 5 9%
Not targeted 0
Which topics were addressed in SC education activities for faculty? N=56
For each topic below indicate whether it was addressed to all faculty, only to faculty in specific disciplines
(check all disciplines that apply), or was not addressed.
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