34 · SPEC Kit 299
“The Scholarly Communications Team oversees scholarly communication efforts for the university library
system. This team is composed of representatives from other teams or groups in our library system including:
Chair of the Copyright Team Chair of the Institutional Repository Team, Leadership Council representative
Regional Libraries representative Law School representative and Health Center representative.”
“Two individuals, the IR Coordinator and the Science Collections Librarian already have responsibility for some
educational initiatives. The group (in formation) will have responsibility for creating a scholarly communications
plan for the campus, including an education initiative.”
“University Library Committee Purpose: This group is a committee of the university and serves to advise the
Dean on library matters as indicated below. Objectives: 1. Advise the Dean of the Library regarding proposed
policies 2. Counsel the Dean of the Library in the general development and administration of the Library
3. Express the opinions and sentiments of the faculty, staff and students relative to library policies and their
administration to the Dean of the Library and his/her staff. Areas of Responsibility: The University Library
Committee studies library needs in view of the instructional, research and service programs of the university
and advises the Dean of the Library on matters of general library policy, the development of library resources
and upon means which may best integrate the library program with other instructional, research, and service
activities of the university. The committee serves as a liaison group among the faculty, staff and students and
the Library. Methods of Operation: The committee seeks to hold monthly meetings. The agenda is drafted by
the Chair and the Dean of the Library and is announced prior to the meeting. Policy proposals are presented
and discussed administrative matters of importance are brought to the attention of the committee by the
Dean the members of the committee communicate questions, complaints, inquiries and suggestions to the
Dean and staff concerning library policies and administrative procedures. Membership Criteria: The Chair and
members of the committee are appointed by the Provost of the University, with each college having at least
one representative. Appointments are for a period of three years and renewable. Nominations are made to the
Provost for the following appointees: Faculty Senate representative by the Senate President Professional and
Scientific Council representative by P&S Council Chair graduate student member by Graduate Student Senate
Chair two student members by the Government of the Student Body.”
Specified “Committee outside the library” in Question 2 N=3
“Aspects of scholarly communication are managed by different library directors depending upon the topic.
For example, copyright concerns related to educational initiatives or interlibrary services are addressed by the
AUL for Educational Initiatives. Management of content flow to the open access repository and digital rights
management issues are under the leadership of the Director for Library Technology. The Director of Collections
is tasked with taking a leadership role in [local] and national initiatives that are developing new models of
scholarly communication with the goals of open access and sustainable pricing. Scholarly Communication
Advisory Group provides advice and guidance on a wide range of issues impacting scholarly communication
and collections. Recent activities include a proposal to establish an innovation fund that would support faculty,
graduate students and librarians seeking to expand the realm of published [university] research open to all,
and the creation of a library scholarly communication Web site.”
“The Faculty Senate Committee on University Libraries has taken Scholarly Communication as a multi-year
initiative to raise awareness of faculty for these issues.”
“The University Library Committee advises the university administration on library related matters.”
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