68 · SPEC Kit 299
Delivery method Audience Content Most Effective Activity
Work w/ Faculty
Senate Cmte on
Senate Library
SC Discussions at Senate Library Committees.
Workshops, campus-
All SC Workshops offered through the university’s Center for Teaching
and Academic Growth (TAG) (to faculty, researchers, librarians).
Workshops, campus-
Faculty SC Offering sessions as part of the annual ‘Enriching Scholarship’
series (a two week series every May with 100s of workshops
on technology, teaching and research). SC topic workshops are
consistently well attended.
Workshops, campus-
Grad Students Copyright Collaboration with the Graduate School to produce scholarly
communication-focused workshops for graduate students, such
as a session on copyright. These sessions actively engaged faculty
and students in conversations about copyright, author rights, and
ethical issues in the use of research and scholarship.
Workshops, library-
All Copyright Regularly scheduled Copyright Education workshops in the high
tech information commons.
Workshops, library-
All Copyright The Copyright Committee sponsored a workshop focusing on
issues in the ARL brochure Know Your Copy Rights. It was well
attended by campus faculty, staff and library staff.
Workshops, library-
Faculty IR Workshop on Digital Curation &Trusted Repositories held in
conjunction with the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries and
co-sponsored by the School of Information &Library Science and
the University Library.
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