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Resolution Senate Senate
resolution on
Several years ago the Faculty Senate endorsed the Tempe
Principles. The Scholarly Communications Committee drafted
a resolution on open access that was eventually softened
to “scholarly publishing that was taken to various Senate
committees by the Library Committee. The resolution came to the
full Senate in May 2006 and was adopted.
SC Blog All SC Relevant articles in our Scholarly Communication Blog.
SC Committee Faculty
members of SC
SC The Scholarly Communications Committee was initially populated
with department heads who would presumably carry information
back to their departments. The experience turned out to be
quite informative for the administrators themselves. A second
committee has been formed with multi-disciplinary tenured
faculty. They invited two high-ranking scholarly society (American
Chemical Society and American Mathematical Society) officers
to a discussion about the economics of scholarly publishing for a
scholarly society.
Seminars Faculty Copyright Copyright seminars.
Seminars Librarians SC Brought in outside speakers to provide formal presentations to
Status of the Library
Faculty Senate SC The Scholarly Communication Librarian has contributed to a
status of the Library document that went to the Faculty Senate.
Strategic plan, Library
Faculty SC Inclusion of some topics in the library’s and the university’s
Strategic Plans.
Faculty SC Specifically designed workshops for subject disciplines.
Symposium All Local SC work Annual or biannual SC Symposium with outside speakers and
updates on recent SC work at the university.
Symposium All SC Annual Scholarly Communication symposium, open to campus
community, with guest speakers such as Heather Joseph (2006),
Richard Fyffe/Julia Blixrud (2003), Kate Wittenberg (2002), Mary
Case (1998), Ken Crews (1997), Karen Hersey (1996), etc.
Symposium All SC Conference on Scholarly Communication sponsored by the
University Libraries with outside speakers as well as speakers
from the campus.
Symposium All SC University-wide e-Publishing Symposium.
Symposium Faculty SC Scholarly Communications in a Digital World’ convocation for
invited faculty &librarians, held in January 2005.
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