40 · SPEC Kit 299
Potential Audience: Non-faculty Researchers
9. Please tell us about SC education activities your library has undertaken since 2004 or plans to
undertake in 2007 that are intended for non-faculty researchers. N=51
For which non-faculty researchers have SC education activities been intended?
If SC education activities have been intended for non-faculty researchers from across the entire institution,
check “All non-faculty researchers.” If activities have been intended for non-faculty researchers in only some
departments or disciplines, check “Specific discipline(s).” If activities have not been intended for non-faculty
researchers at all, check “Not targeted” and continue to the next page.
All non-faculty researchers 11 22%
Specific discipline(s) 3 6%
Not targeted 37 72%
Which topics were addressed in SC education activities for non-faculty researchers? N=13
For each topic below indicate whether it was addressed to all non-faculty researchers, only to non-faculty
researchers in specific disciplines (check all disciplines that apply), or was not addressed.
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