28 · SPEC Kit 299
Please indicate the makeup of the members. Check all that apply. N=40
Librarians 35 100%
Faculty 5 14%
Institution administrators 4 11%
Non-faculty researchers 2 6%
Students 1 3%
Other, please specify 4 11%
Information Technologies and Digital Development staff member
Library support &professional staff
Systems staff
University Press
Members Makeup of Members Comments
2 Librarians Our effort is being led by a pair of librarians one is the assistant
collection development librarian (concentrating on electronic
purchases) and the other is a digital initiatives librarian. One is Tech
Services the other is Public Services.
3 Librarians
3 Librarians
4 Librarians Future plans include faculty and administrative membership, as well
as the current four librarians.
4 Librarians We are not a formally charged group in the sense of a committee or
task force. We work together on this effort as part of our central job
4 Librarians 4 members of a planning group (2 librarians plus 2 AUL Co-Chairs).
This planning group works closely with 25+ Research Librarians
who are responsible for reference, instruction, and collection
development for various subject areas across campus.
4 Librarians, Information Technologies
and Digital Development staff
4 Librarians
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