Scholarly Communication Education Initiatives · 75
Who Category of Challenge Description of Challenge
Library Educating all librarians SC in the library tends to be perceived as someone else’s responsibility because
individuals are focused on their specialty.
Library Librarians have cried “Wolf”
too long
Twenty years of proclaiming that there was a Scholarly Communication
Crisis (what is the name for a crisis that never ends?) and telling successful,
experienced researchers and authors that they should alter the behavior that
made them and their research successful, has left us with a reputation for
being a bit hair-brained and out-of-touch with reality.
Library Library funding Lack of resources to devote to the issue.
Library Library funding Mounting a scholarly communication initiative without funding for a full or part
time SC Officer.
Library Library funding Resources for developing the program.
Library Library funding There is a capacity and resource issue for the library because the need for
education and outreach throughout the campus (but particularly the faculty)
is greater than the resources we have at our disposal to address. As more
issues arise the gap widens. This is particularly the case for issues related to
intellectual property and copyright.
Library Library funding These activities continue to be on the margins of everyone’s jobs. The library/
institution needs to decided if they should be supported as mainstream
activities. If so, where does the money come from? New money is unlikely, so
what do we STOP doing if we’re going to make these activities a permanent
part of our work?
Library Library leadership Lack of common goals of the library.
Library Library leadership Lack of dedicated librarian focused on Scholarly Communication issues.
Library Library leadership Library to assign higher priority to this issue.
Library Library staffing Attention and effort to effect long term change have a hard time competing
with short term work pressures for library users and staff.
Library Library staffing Finding time to devote to these issues. The staff that are currently tasked with
educating library users and staff about SC issues have other responsibilities.
However, we have initiated a search for a new Scholarly Communication
librarian position.
Library Library staffing Having sufficient staff in place to develop and support program.
Library Library staffing Lack of a dedicated primary scholarly communications officer means that
effective leadership on this topic is only a part time effort.
Library Library staffing Lack of trained staff to devote adequate time to process.
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