Scholarly Communication Education Initiatives · 33
Minimum Maximum Mean Median Std Dev
8 872 14 13.5 5.0
7. If you specified in question 2 that another individual(s) or group(s) has responsibility for SC
education initiatives, please briefly describe the role of that other individual(s) or group(s).
Specified “Other” in Question 2 N=5
Scholarly Repository Advisor Committee: “From 2001 up through June 2006, the institution had a dedicated
Assistant Dean for Scholarly Communications—oversight of general collections issues, preservation, and an
emphasis on articulating and helping institution advance on scholarly communications issues.”
Digital library steering committee and research services committee: “We are relatively early in our work on
SC education. We have held a library wide forum and have plans to address these initiatives in the near
future. The groups providing momentum are the digital library steering committee and the research services
committee. The former made up of librarians and technologists, the latter primarily of reference librarians.”
We have created an assistant dean for scholarly communication: “The assistant dean has general
responsibility. The college liaisons in the division have responsibility for marketing the messages to
departments and colleges the collections librarians also have responsibility for helping develop information
for campus faculty and students. We also have a marketing specialist who prepares PR, working with the
Also a separate group: “Difficult to describe many different initiatives. In 2005, librarians and faculty
collaborated to plan and offer a symposium on scholarly communication for invited faculty (cross-disciplinary)
and librarians. The Digital Curation/IR Committee, chaired by an Information/Library Science professor w/
librarians, faculty, &other membership is planning a symposium co-sponsored by the [regional] Network
our Health Sciences Library has sponsored two sessions open to the university community, and the Scholarly
Communications Working Group, consisting primarily of librarians and University Press staff, plans monthly
programs throughout the year on issues related to scholarly communications. These programs are co-
sponsored by the Institute for Research in the Social Sciences and the University Library. Our Copyright/
Scholarly Communication Director does individual copyright counseling for faculty.”
Distributed: “The work is done on a distributed, as needed basis by different librarians in the system.”
Specified “Committee within the library” in Question 2 N=5
“Both our Collection Development Committee and our Liaison Advisory Team have taken on these initiatives.
This has primarily been in the area of open access awareness on campus.”
“The Research Exchange Task Force is primarily responsible for SC education activities related to our
institutional repository, including development of the Web site, creation of handouts, etc., as related to the
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