44 · SPEC Kit 299
“Provost, members of the university’s Budget Committee and Planning Committee.”
“Provost, President, Sr. VP for Research, CIO, Chair Faculty Senate Committee on Libraries.”
“Provost, vice chancellor for research, deans council.”
“Provost, Vice President for Research, the campus Information Technology cabinet, the Deans’ Council, the
Library Advisory Committee, the Dean’s Advancement Board.”
“Provost, Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs, Undergraduate (associate) Deans.”
“Provost, Vice Provost for Research, Assistant Dean of the College, Vice President of Information Technology,
Members of the Council on Libraries, General Counsel of the College.”
“The University Librarian works with the Provost, Deans, and the Research Office.”
“Those on the academic side, to whom library reports, i.e., Provost, Deputy Provost. But these haven’t been
so much ‘intended activities’ focused solely on scholarly communications, but larger library discussions that
have included SC issues at times. Also in this category is the Advisory Council on Library Policy, which is mostly
senior faculty reporting to president &provost.”
“Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Vice Chancellor for Research, Chair of Graduate division.”
“Vice Chancellor for Budget &Finance, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Provost and
Chancellor’s staff at budget hearings, University system-level VP for Academic Affairs.”
“Vice Provost Research, Vice Provost Faculty Affairs, University Counsel, Provost”
“Vice Provosts, Provost.”
“We created a session for the new Provost as part of her orientation to the library’s activities.”
“We have done this is more focused and smaller discussions with University Librarian or AUL for Collection
Management and Scholarly Communication. We have collaborated and worked together to co-sponsor some
of the outreach efforts including lunch series and larger symposium for faculty held in November 2006.”
“We have targeted College Deans and the Provost. We distributed a brochure on copyright and gave a
presentation on institutional repositories at a dean’s breakfast.”
Which topics were addressed in SC education activities for institution administrators? N=44
For each topic below indicate whether it was addressed to all institution administrators, specific institution
administrators, or was not addressed.
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