20 · SPEC Kit 299
1. Has your library initiated any education activities on scholarly communication (SC) issues for the
library’s users or staff since July 2004? N=73
Yes 55 75%
No, but planning is underway 13 18%
No, our institution has not undertaken such initiatives 3 4%
No, this is the responsibility of another unit in the institution 2 3%
Leadership of SC Education Initiatives
2. Which individual or group provides leadership for the library’s SC education initiative(s)? Check
all that apply. N=65
A group/committee/task force within the library 35 54%
A chief SC librarian 21 32%
Another library staff member 18 28%
A group/committee/task force outside the library that includes library staff 11 17%
Other, please specify other leadership arrangement 14 22%
Within Library
Chief SC
Library Staff
Outside Library
Other, please specify other
leadership arrangement

Scholarly Repository Advisory
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