Scholarly Communication Education Initiatives · 47
Additional Comments N=4
“I can’t assess the effectiveness of the methods used but we have used the following: formal group
presentation and one-on-one conversations.”
“It’s most effective when it’s addressed in the context of something the university is trying to accomplish.”
“Our Provost is well informed about the issues and has taken opportunities to educate the faculty and has
worked with the library to educate faculty by speaking at a library forum on the scholarly communication.”
“Presidents, provosts, etc., on our campus continually change and they vary in their understanding of these
issues but what most of them do have in common is that they are not dumb. They understand that there are a
few scholarly communication activists, a largely quiescent middle group of faculty who just want to get their
research done and for whom the existing system works fine, librarians who are worried about money, and that
the Web/technology is introducing some unsettledness into the process. What we are trying to do is to offer
sound and practical advice and not to come off as a group who believe that they have ‘special knowledge’
about an admittedly complex situation or an idealistic ‘agenda’ like open access, etc., but to provide all
options as existing and changing realities.”
Potential Audience: Graduate Students
11. Please tell us about SC education activities your library has undertaken since 2004 or plans to
undertake in 2007 that are intended for graduate students. N=55
For which graduate students have SC education activities been intended?
If SC education activities have been intended for graduate students from across the entire institution, check
“All graduate students.” If activities have been intended for graduate students in only some departments or
disciplines, check “Specific discipline(s).” If activities have not been intended for graduate students at all,
check “Not targeted” and continue to the next page.
All graduate students 22 40%
Specific discipline(s) 4 7%
Not targeted 29 53%
Which topics were addressed in SC education activities for graduate students? N=23
For each topic below indicate whether it was addressed to all graduate students, only to graduate students in
specific disciplines (check all disciplines that apply), or was not addressed.
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