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Additional Comments N=8
“Efforts with graduate students have not been seriously undertaken in the past three years, though some were
undertaken with limited success prior to 2003. We will be evaluating how we target graduate students in the
coming year, but we have no specific plans at this time.”
“Graduate students have participated in some of the above but have not been specifically targeted.”
“In general, graduate students have been reached through sessions that are open to all, or in the context
of other more general group or one-on-one discussions about the library. We have over 10,000 graduate
students and some are informed and knowledgeable and others are not.”
“Responsible Conduct of Research program has been extremely important vehicle for access to and attention
from graduate students.”
“The sessions are now being planned for Fall of 07, so I can not yet comment on their effectiveness.”
“This doesn’t fit into any category above (it’s not ‘all graduate students’ nor a specific discipline): we have
integrated some information on economics of scholarly publishing, institutional repositories, author rights
issues in a non-compulsory 1 credit seminar on information literacy offered to graduate students.”
“We hope to include information for graduate students and get them involved in electronic theses and
dissertations, and introduce them to rights management.”
“We will start a Graduate Scholarly Publishing advisement service in the next year.”
Potential Audience: Undergraduate Students
12. Please tell us about SC education activities your library has undertaken since 2004 or plans to
undertake in 2007 that are intended for undergraduate students. N=55
For which undergraduate students have SC education activities been intended?
If SC education activities have been intended for undergraduate students from across the entire institution,
check “All undergraduate students.” If activities have been intended for undergraduate students in only
some departments or disciplines, check “Specific discipline(s).” If activities have not been intended for
undergraduate students at all, check “Not targeted” and continue to the next page.
All undergraduate students 7 13%
Specific discipline(s) 0
Not targeted 48 87%
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