74 · SPEC Kit 299
Who Category of Challenge Description of Challenge
Faculty Tenure process The current criteria for tenure and promotion precludes publication in open
access journals in some disciplines.
Faculty Tenure process The publish/perish models that still prevail.
Library Apathy Activating the subject bibliographers into action on this matter.
Library Complexity Complexity of the issues.
Library Complexity Diversity of issues and trying to get the most effective people involved with the
most appropriate issue.
Library Complexity Making these issues fresh: we have to move past talking about serial inflation
and copyright: you can only raise those issues so many times before people
begin to tune us out.
Library Complexity Many of the proposed solutions are highly problematic, which is not lost on
those faculty with analytical abilities.
Library Complexity Rapid change (constantly evolving Scholarly Communication environment).
Library Complexity The biggest challenge is the amorphous nature of the problem. Overall, the
problems affect everyone in the profession. However, the STM librarians
clearly ‘get it’ in a more direct and meaningful way. The impact is much more
immediate. In a nutshell, the challenge is the same for reaching faculty or
staff— ‘how do these issues impact on me and mine?’
Library Complexity The term scholarly communication means different things to different people.
Library Developing a clear message Devising good overall plan, including communication plan with ‘talking points’
Library Developing a clear message Different people mean different things by scholarly communication and often
they apply a narrow definition; this is more than just a journals pricing crisis
issue—more even that the basic issue is about more than just money, is also
about values, practices, intent, etc.
Library Educating all librarians A need to first bring librarians up to speed.
Library Educating all librarians Awareness. Maintaining cutting edge awareness of current issues.
Library Educating all librarians Differing levels of librarians’ knowledge, engagement, and commitment.
Library Educating all librarians Educating all librarians and staff about open access and scholarly
communication, so they confidently work with their faculty on a one to one
basis if necessary. This education takes time.
Library Educating all librarians Educating librarians so they are equipped to engage faculty in discussions of
Library Educating all librarians Educating library faculty and staff who work with teaching faculty on the
policies and issues so we are talking the same talk.
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