Scholarly Communication Education Initiatives · 63
Delivery method Audience Content Most Effective Activity
One-on-one Faculty IR One-on-one conversations with faculty, whether in person or
via e-mail. A project to jumpstart population of our IR involved
sending e-mails to faculty requesting permission to deposit in
the IR copies of their published articles. The result was greater
than the number of articles deposited, because faculty asked
questions, were interested in the answers, and a few faculty
members even became activists in their scholarly societies.
One-on-one Faculty OA
Responding to e-mail inquiries about cancellation of our BMC
membership—teachable moments about OA. Also Nucleic Acids
Research membership.
One-on-one Faculty SC Academic liaisons working one-on-one with faculty.
One-on-one Faculty SC Individual consultations.
One-on-one Faculty SC Individual consultation, especially with faculty, on copyright,
rights management, and scholarly publishing issues.
One-on-one Faculty SC Individual discussions with faculty members.
One-on-one Faculty SC Informal activities/one-on-one discussions with faculty in selected
areas (health science/medicine science/engineering.
One-on-one Faculty SC One-on-one conversations.
One-on-one Faculty SC One-to-one discussions are still the ideal. However, this is
One-on-one Faculty SC The majority of our efforts have been one-on-one meetings with
individual faculty.
One-on-one Faculty SC One on one conversations. A good way to get faculty to focus on
issues to which they are sympathetic but rarely give attention.
We now have on staff two people (on experimental term
appointments) who give one-on-one consultations on IP issues.
These are valuable in themselves but even more valuable in the
way they open up further discussion.
One-on-one Faculty Editors Open access Conversations with journal editors about open access and
publishing in general.
One-on-one Faculty Editors SC Working with individual faculty regarding the economics of
scholarly publishing, especially those who are active with
scholarly society or commercial publishing as editors or on
Open house Faculty IR Open house to highlight IR and other opportunities for faculty
self-archiving of research materials.
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