56 · SPEC Kit 299
Please describe other delivery method. N=5
“A variety of forums exist for such conversations.”
“Group discussion of assigned readings, group activity to analyze specific author agreement. Required each
librarian to set a goal (as part of annual planning/review process) for SC outreach.”
“Scholarly Communication Blog, E-Publishing Symposium.”
“We are in the process of educating librarians and library staff about open access and scholarly
communication. Podcasts.”
“We invite the librarians hired for digital activities to meetings of liaisons we have had group presentations
on the new repository.”
Additional Comments N=4
“We conduct briefings and updates for the librarians and interested staff at least twice every academic year
on these topics. In addition, the Scholarly Communication Steering Committee holds additional briefings and
updates as appropriate when new or critical initiatives related to scholarly communication are relevant and
“Initiating our collaboration with the [university] press has given many opportunities to foreground these
issues with library faculty and staff. In addition, the consideration by our faculty senate of the CIC Provosts
Statement on Author Rights gave us another opportunity to raise visibility of those issues during spring of this
year. We generally think it is the responsibility of all librarians, but especially subject specialists, to stay current
on the economics of scholarly publishing.”
“These topics have also been discussed at Library Faculty meetings.”
“We are in process of beefing up Web pages and wikis that will have FAQs to help staff answer questions
from campus.”
Other Potential Audience
14. Please tell us about SC education activities your library has undertaken since 2004 or plans to
undertake in 2007 that are intended for the audience specified below. N=9
For which other audience have SC education activities been intended? Please specify audience.
“1. Provincial bioinformatics interest group/researchers 2. Province-wide initiatives for librarians and library
staff researchers, faculty, graduate students.”
“Because the Scholarly Communication Librarian doesn’t have any specific liaison assignments, she has been
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