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Members Makeup of Members Comments
8 Librarians, Faculty
9 Librarians, Faculty
11 Librarians, Faculty, Institution
Although designated Provost’s committees, both the Scholarly
Communications and the Digital Curation/Institutional Repository
Committee report to a steering committee which is chaired by the
University Librarian.
12 Faculty, Students, University
9 Voting Faculty, ex-officio, University Librarian and 1 graduate and 1
undergraduate student representative. Recently renamed Committee on
Library and Scholarly Communication.
15 Librarians, Faculty The committee was formed 3 years ago and has its second membership
group. The group has held discussions about the economics of scholarly
communications, the promotion &tenure culture, and open access.
We sponsored a scholarly publishing resolution that was adopted
by the Faculty Senate in May 2006 and have spoken with visiting
library directors about advancing campus awareness of scholarly
communications issues.
16 Librarians, Faculty, Students The Senate Committee on the Library and Scholarly Communication
(LIBR) has advisory responsibility for all library and scholarly
communication issues. The University Librarian and a representative from
the Librarian’s Association serve as members by invitation.
21 Librarians, Faculty, Institution
Administrators, Students
21 Librarians, Faculty, Institution
Administrators, Students
One of the issues this committee considers is scholarly communication.
872 Librarians, Faculty (Two librarians)
Number of Members N=9
N 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1
8 9 11 12 15 16 21 872
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