98 · SPEC Kit 293
Purdue University
Dear Professor:
(CANDIDATE) is being considered for promotion to (POSITION). Your name
has been suggested to the Purdue University Libraries Primary Promotions and
Tenure Committee as someone who could write a recommendation on
(CANDIDATE)’s behalf. Candidates for promotion are evaluated on quality of
performance in these areas:
!Demonstrated excellence in the field of librarianship
!Excellence in research, scholarship, and/or creative endeavor
!Excellence in continuation and/or service
The Promotion and Tenure Committee would like for you to provide an
assessment of (CANDIDATE)’s performance for those areas about which you
have direct knowledge. Please also add a brief description of your relationship
with the candidate.
I am enclosing the following documents to assist you in understanding our
expectations and in providing our assessment:
!“Promotions and Tenure Policy for the Libraries,”
!Resume for (CANDIDATE) identifying highlights,
!Selection of (CANDIDATE)’s publications.
Under our University policies, your letter will be held in confidence to the extent
permitted by law. Under certain circumstances a promotion or tenure file may be
mandated by a federal or state agency whose responsibility it is to investigate an
allegation of discrimination involving promotion or tenure. In our opinion, the
likelihood of this eventuality is remote and we would, under no circumstances,
divulge such information without a lawfully issued (subpoena) demand for the
information. Purdue would also vigorously resist any efforts to gain access to your
letter under Indiana Public Records law.
Though your letter is confidential, information from it or a summary of it may be
included in the written review of the Libraries Primary Promotions and Tenure
Committee. Your letter will also accompany the promotion document. On behalf
of the Committee, I would appreciate your making every effort to return your
comments to me by DATE. Please send the letter to:
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