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year must be included, and they must be covered by a copy, supplied by the University Librarian's
office, of the earlier Form 3. Preliminary solicitation letters and the responses thereto are not
included in this category. If new letters are solicited and if any of the external referees solicited in a
prior year are solicited again, then all of the external referees previously solicited (excluding those
who declined to evaluate the candidate in response to the preliminary solicitation letter) must be
resolicited when the packet being reviewed is the same packet used in a prior evaluation and/or the
prior solicitation occurred in either of the two immediately prior years.4
In all circumstances, copies of the external confidential letters are to remain in the unit
director's office, and the candidate's director shall inform the appropriate tenured members of the
unit that such letters are available for review.
G. Materials to be Used in Review
With the exception of confidential outside letters of recommendation solicited in accordance
with these Instructions and those documents that are generally public knowledge such as published
student evaluations, published articles, and other similar documents, only those materials in the
official personnel file and other materials added to the packet as described in Section H below may
be used in conducting the review. The official personnel file for each library faculty member is
maintained in the office of the University Librarian.
Documents bearing on the candidate and his/her evaluation which are introduced in the
review process are subject to the strictures outlined in the next Section.
H. Additions to the Packet and the Right to Rebut or Respond
If any document or documents, other than confidential outside letters of recommendation, the
official reappointment/promotion forms, continuation pages added to these forms as described in
these instructions, reports of reading committees, supplements to confidential letters (Section E,
paragraph 4), and materials submitted by the candidate, are added to the promotion packet during
the evaluation, a copy of said document(s) shall be transmitted immediately to the candidate the
candidate shall have the right to submit a response or rebuttal within six (6) working days. The re-
sponse shall be directed to that level of the evaluation at which the added document was received
and shall become a part of the promotion packet. Any documents that are (1) physically present
during the evaluation and (2) specifically referred to during the deliberations of the evaluative body
and (3) which a majority of the evaluative body agrees have a direct bearing on the evaluation must
be added to the packet in accordance with this procedure.
Subsequent to the commencement of the evaluation and prior to final recommendation of the
Promotion Review Committee, the unit director shall, upon request of the candidate, add to the
packet evidence of a significant change in the status of materials originally submitted by the
candidate if: 1) the University Librarian concurs that a significant change has occurred and 2) such
change has occurred since the initiation of the evaluation. If there is a dispute between the
candidate and the University Librarian as to whether a significant change has occurred in the status
of materials originally submitted by the candidate, the Office of the Executive Vice President for
4 If there is good cause for an exception, it can be made only with the approval of the Executive
Vice President for Academic Affairs, upon the recommendation of the University Librarian.
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