94 · SPEC Kit 293
University of Oregon
informed ahead of time which referees were selected. If you maintained
your right of access to your file, you may view letters after the process is
6. All individuals on the "Master List" are then sent formal letters from the
University Librarian, requesting an evaluation of your professional
contributions, along with copies of your résumé, personal narrative
statement, and any other pertinent documentation (within reason).
3. Personnel Officer's Initial Letter to Potential External
Dear ___:
At this time of year, the University of Oregon begins the process of considering
faculty promotions. I am writing to ask whether you'd be willing to serve as an
outside reviewer for __________,_________Librarian, who is being considered
for promotion from Associate Professor to full Professor. The University process
requires that the individual has "demonstrated a growing expertise and
professional reputation, in the judgment of their professional peers." Would you
be willing to serve in this capacity? If you agree, we will send you an electronic
copy (let me know if you prefer hard copy) of ________'s dossier along with a
copy of our promotion criteria
(http://libweb.uoregon.edu/admnpers/promocriteria.html) in the next few weeks,
along with a formal letter from our University Librarian. In order to ensure the
Library Faculty Personnel Committee has ample time to review all materials, we
ask that your evaluative response be sent to us by November 15.If you are
willing to do this, I will also need either a copy of your resume or a brief
biographical description to include with the file--whichever is easier for you to
provide. Writing reviews of this nature requires a real commitment of time and
attention, so we greatly appreciate your consideration of this request. We ask
that you respond to this e-mail by October 11. Please let me know if you have
any questions!
Thank you
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