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____________________________is a candidate for_______________________at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville and has submitted
your name as an evaluator of ____________________professional accomplishments.
In your evaluation, please be as specific as possible.
1) Describe your professional relationship with the candidate.
Please comment on ___________________'s performance as a librarian, being as specific as possible about what you know of the kind
and value of the candidate's work in the discipline (research, scholarship, professional development) and contributions to the profession.
2) Describe and evaluate professional work and service to the libraries, the university, or the public made by the candidate. I have
enclosed copies of our criteria for ______________and ______________________'s curriculum vitae. In addition the candidate has
selected the enclosed documents reflecting their creative and scholarly output for your review.
The university emphasizes the importance of selecting referees who are at rank for which the candidate is being considered or higher and
requires a summary statement about each referee. Therefore, I would appreciate a copy of your curriculum vitae, and an indication, when
appropriate, of your faculty rank or the equivalent in your organization. We are aware of the time this request requires however, we assure you
that guidance from scholars ("professionals" when writing to librarians) like you is vital to our decision-making process.
You should be aware that the State of Tennessee has a Freedom of Information Law. Because of that law, we are unable to guarantee that the
candidate will not request to see your letter.
Please send your evaluation to Barbara I.Dewey, Dean of Libraries, John C. Hodges Library, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
37996-1000 by October 15, 2004. If you prefer, you may use e-mail for your response (bdewey@utk.edu).
Thank you for your cooperation in this important process. We deeply appreciate your assistance.
Barbara I. Dewey
Dean of Libraries
Revised 2004.
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