External Review for Promotion and Tenure · 83
University of Arizona
Dear Referee:
The Department of [name of department] is evaluating the academic and professional
standing of [name of candidate], who is being considered for [examples: tenure and promotion to
associate professor promotion to full professor].
Since you are recognized as a leading scholar in [name of candidate]'s field, we would
appreciate your assistance in assessing his/her record by providing us with a letter of evaluation. We
have attached the following materials to help you in evaluating [name of candidate]'s record: (1) a
curriculum vitae (2) a summary of his/her workload assignment (3) a statement in which he/she
explains his/her scholarly and professional accomplishments, the goals that have guided them, and
his/her future research agenda (4) copies of University of Arizona departmental and college
promotion/tenure criteria and (5) a representative set of [examples: articles slides tapes]. If you
would like to review additional materials, we would be happy to send them.
In your evaluation, we would appreciate your addressing how well you know the candidate
and specific strengths and weaknesses of the candidate's research record, including especially the
significance and impact of his/her contributions to the literature and to the field, recognition at
national or international levels, and promise of sustained scholarly activity. Please also indicate
whether you recommend that candidate be awarded [examples: tenure and promotion to associate
professor promotion to full professor] on the basis of your evaluation.
Please note that our criteria for [promotion promotion and tenure tenure] also include
consideration of teaching and service. If you have information and recommendations based on these
areas we appreciate your comments related to [name of candidate]'s teaching and service.
Your recommendation will be treated with the greatest possible confidentiality permitted by
the Arizona Board of Regents' policy and applicable law. I am aware that your consideration and
evaluation of the work of our colleague will require considerable time, and I greatly appreciate your
willingness to assist us in this way.
We also would appreciate receiving a copy of your abbreviated curriculum vitae. Thank you
for participating in this review. Please let me know if you have any questions about the process.
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