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07/31/2006 10:43 AM Appendices to Procedures for Peer Review Committees for Library Faculty
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Management and Administration
1. In your opinion, does the librarian strive to meet the research and teaching needs of the departmental clientele served?
2. Is the general atmosphere of the library "user friendly?"
3. How often do you use the library?
4. Is the librarian open to dialogue? Does the librarian effectively communicate the library's policies and services to users?
5. What, in your opinion, are the positive aspects of the librarian's performance?
6. Do you perceive any problem areas in the way in which the librarian performs assigned duties? If so, please describe:
7. Does the librarian handle the budget effectively?
8. Does the librarian display effective skills in time management and delegation of responsibilities?
9. Does the librarian encourage the professional development of colleagues and staff?
Bibliographic Control
What are your observations and perceptions as to the librarian's job performance in respect to:
1. Accuracy
2. Productivity
3. Knowledge of cataloging theory and practice
4. Keeping abreast of changes in rules and conventions
5. Development and utilization, as appropriate, of non-traditional approaches.
Appendix 7 Archival Files
Archival files should be maintained by members of the Peer Review Committee for the probationary period only and should contain:
all documents the candidate submits to the Peer Review Committee, including "Outline for Promotion Dossier"
all previous Peer Review Committee reports
other notes, names of internal and external references, and any other information gathered by the Peer Review Committee
Upon completion of the probationary term or termination of employment at the university, these files will be transferred to the University
Librarian's office.
Appendix 8
Instructions to candidates responding to the Peer Review Committee Report
1. If you are concerned with written comments made by your Peer Review Committee in your annual evaluation, please contact the
members of your Peer Review Committee to arrange a meeting to clarify any misunderstandings or misconceptions. Conversely, if you
are pleased with your report, this is an appropriate vehicle for so stating.
2. After meeting with your Peer Review Committee, if you feel that your accomplishments in the area/s of Librarianship, Service and/or
Research and Publication, have not been represented accurately, please respond to your Peer Review Committee with a written
clarification. Your response should take into account any extenuating circumstances not recognized in the Peer Review Committee
report such as administrative hardships in your unit and personality conflicts within the unit, etc.
Appendix 9
Special Problems
If the Peer Review Committee has concerns that there is a serious impediment to achieving tenure which is deemed to be beyond the control of
the candidate (whether it be for administrative reasons, personnel issues, etc.), the Committee may contact the Chair of FRC (in written form).
The Chair of FRC may convene the Committee to determine the appropriate course of action.
The untenured faculty member may contact the Chair of FRC to alert the Committee of a potential obstacle to achieving tenure. FRC will seek
consultation, if appropriate with the University Librarian or his/her designated representative.
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