32 · SPEC Kit 293
On average, how much time does a librarian spend on each external review for another
institution? N=21
Minimum Maximum Mean Median Std Dev
.5 hours 24 hours 5.9 hours 5.0 hours 5.0
N= 1 4 5 3 6 2
1hr 1–2 hr 3–4 hr 5–6 hr 7–8 hr 8 hr
Additional Comments
19. Please submit any additional information regarding the external review process at your library
that may assist the authors in accurately analyzing the results of this survey.
Selected Comments from Respondents
“We have had a dual track system since the early 1990s: Librarian Faculty and Regular (tenure-track/tenured)
Faculty. External reviews are required for tenure-track positions and optional for librarian track. We only have
one librarian on tenure track at present we have not tenured any librarian since the late 1990s.”
“At our institution continuing appointment and tenure are synonymous.”
“The only promotion that bears external review is that of being promoted from Associate Librarian to Full
“[Our] librarians achieved faculty status in 1968. We believe that external review was undoubtedly part of the
process from the beginning at our institution.”
“There is no way we can track how much external reviewing our librarians are doing and how much time it
takes. We probably get a modest amount of requests a year (less than a dozen, if that many) and it probably
takes people several hours (at least four hours and probably much longer at times) to do an assessment and
write an evaluation.”
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