External Review for Promotion and Tenure · 63
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Waiver of Right to See Information
I am aware of Part II of the UNL Policy on Rights of Access and Materials Used in
Personnel Evaluation. I am aware that I may waive my rights guaranteed by the
Bylaws, but that the waiver may not be assumed, implied or required.
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Date _____________________________
I waive my right of access to information regarding the recommendations about my
Continuous Appointment and Promotion File as follows (check and initial):
____________I do not waive any of my rights of access to evaluate information
solicited from outside reviewers, and have the right to inspect the
reviews and submit a written response.
____________I waive the right to know the identity of the outside reviewers, but
reserve the right to examine the written comments they have
submitted, and have the right to submit a written response.
____________I waive the right to inspect all written comments solicited from
outside peer reviewers and to know the identity of the outside
When outside reviews are solicited, the exact nature of the waiver of rights checked
above will be communicated to the reviewer and to any individuals or committee making
promotion and/or continuous appointment recommendations.
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Date _______________________________
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