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07/31/2006 10:43 AM Appendices to Procedures for Peer Review Committees for Library Faculty
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VI. External Evaluations
A. Sample Letter(s) to External Evaluators
B. Qualifications of the External Evaluators
C. Letters from External Evaluators
VII. Special Comments by the Executive Officer
Appendix 2 Internal and External referees
Internal referees:
Dean of College served
Head of Department served
Chair or member of Library Committee
Users of the library
Faculty served
*Librarians from non-peer institutions
*Librarians from other divisions
External referees:
Colleagues (librarians) at peer institutions
Chair of committee in ALA, SLA, MLA, or other professional organization on which candidate has served
Other professional organization officers, etc.
NOT APPROPRIATE: co-authors or individuals with whom the candidate formerly worked
Lists of external referees should be accompanied by a short statement why this individual is qualified to serve. Curriculum vitae or lists of
publications may
accompany these lists.
*For units without a defined constituency
Appendix 3 Possible areas of review to discuss with referees
Peer Review Committees gather information relating to librarianship with individuals within the Library and UIUC non-library faculty.
Areas of evaluation: Solicit Evaluative Comments from:
1. Reference service and user education: Library users unit head or division (Including reference, computer-based services, coordinator
departmental faculty and instruction, excluding formal courses)
2. Selection and Preservation: (Selection of books, journals, and other materials: Library users, unit head or division members
Preservation: collection coordinator, departmental faculty, departmental library committee chair collection development chair
3. Management and budgetary activities: Unit head or division coordinator executive officer(s) of academic department(s) or college
departmental library committee chair
4. Intellectual/ Bibliographic control: Unit head or division coordinator individuals with cataloging responsibilities
5. Systems activities: Unit head or division coordinator, systems librarian, building network administrator
6. Special projects and/or other assignments: Unit head or division coordinator, other appropriate individuals
7. Library/University service: Unit head or division coordinator, committee chair or members
Appendix 4 Guidelines for Interviewing Internal Referees
During these scheduled interviews, the Peer Review Committee is expected to:
1. state that the purpose of the interview is to assess candidate's progress towards research, service and librarianship during the
probationary period. THIS IS NOT TENURE REVIEW.
2. review procedures and discuss the significance of formal evaluation
3. state that this conversation is confidential
4. identify that this will be an oral evaluation only, but extensive, adequate typed notes will be retained for files
5. review the goals and objectives of the candidates job incorporating the following factors:
professional competency and creativity
overall relationship with library personnel and clientele and/or liaison department faculty and students
commitment to the library profession
communication skills
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