External Review for Promotion and Tenure · 61
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Preparing an External Review Portfolio
February 2005
A candidate’s external review portfolio for promotion and/or continuous appointment is
sent to the external reviewers. This portfolio is designed to provide the reviewers with
information adequate for them to evaluate the candidate’s work. Reviewers are asked to
provide their expert advice on the nature and extent of the candidate's contributions and
on the quality, significance, impact, and potential of his/her work. The portfolio as a
whole does not become part of the promotion and/or continuous appointment
documentation, though copies of some of the documents will be included in the
The University Libraries external portfolio consists of the following documents and
1. A letter from the Dean of Libraries or designee to the external reviewer
explaining the expectations of the reviewers and providing information on the
format of the review and the date by which the letters are to be sent to the
2. A copy of the waiver form.
3. The candidate’s nomination statement for promotion or continuous
This statement briefly outlines the reasons for the nomination.
4. The candidate’s statement identifying the candidate’s work that in the
candidate’s judgment is most significant, and points out what its impact has
been or will be.
It is suggested that this statement speak specifically to each of the three
criteria in the order outlined in the University Libraries Promotion and
Continuous Appointment Criteria. These criteria are 1) Performance in
assigned areas of responsibility, 2) Scholarly/creative activities, and 3)
Service/Outreach to the University Libraries, the University, the
profession, and the public.
5. Current Curriculum Vitae. This is prepared by the candidate and is a copy of
the vitae that will go into the candidate's promotion and continuous
appointment folders.
6. Relevant position descriptions(s).
If the candidate’s areas of responsibility have changed considerably during
the period being reviewed, a position description for each major change
should be included with the date.
7. Copies of selected refereed and other significant publications.
8. Other selected significant documentation.
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