28 · SPEC Kit 293
“[By our criteria], also by our institution’s criteria.”
If by your (the requesting) library’s P/T/CA criteria, is a copy of the criteria sent to the reviewer?
Yes 29 96%
No 1 4%
Selected Comments from Respondents
“The reviewer is given the URL for locating the document which outlines the criteria for the institution.”
“Send a cover letter and the university’s minimum guidelines for P&T reviews.”
“We also send [the university’s] criteria for P&T.”
11. Please indicate which aspects of the candidate’s performance reviewers are asked to evaluate.
Check all that apply. N=38
Record of publishing or scholarly activities 34 89%
Record of creative activities 25 66%
Record of service activities 25 66%
Job performance 13 34%
Other, please explain 12 32%
Selected Comments from Respondents
“’Professional accomplishments and activities’—specifically how the candidate ‘enhances the effectiveness
and standing of the Libraries, demonstrates his/her ability to meet the responsibilities of the desired rank, and
enhances and contributes to the profession.’”
“All of the above (we have four criteria—job performance, professional activities, university and community
service, research and creative activity.”
“Any and all areas with which the reviewer is familiar (from among: job performance, professional
contribution, and service.)”
“Career development, contributions to the discipline, national reputation.”
“Involvement at the national level whether or not it constitutes service.”
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