External Review for Promotion and Tenure · 27
9. What level of input does the candidate have over the contents of the portfolio? N=37
Administration and/or procedures dictate the contents of the portfolios 17 46%
Some documents are required, the candidate decides on other
documentation to include 11 30%
The candidate decides what to send 3 8%
Other, please explain 6 16%
Selected Comments from Respondents
“Usually the supervisor just sends a letter in some cases a CV or summary of recent activities is included.”
“The candidate communicates to the promotion committee which accomplishments and or position
responsibilities each external reviewer should be asked to comment on.”
“Candidate provides CV and publications (max 3).”
“Supervisor determines with suggestions from candidate.”
“Procedures require CV &criteria and accomplishments candidate decides on other documents.”
“The second option is the closest. Standards indicate specific documentation that is required the candidates
can put in other evidence in the case file. The case file is sent to the reviewers.”
Instructions to Reviewers
10. By what criteria or standards are reviewers asked to evaluate the candidate? N=37
By our (the requesting) library’s P/T/CA criteria 30 81%
By reviewer’s library’s P/T/CA criteria 3 8%
No specific criteria recommended 1 3%
Other, please explain 3 8%
Selected Comments from Respondents
“Reviewer’s knowledge of the candidate’s contribution.”
“Significance and impact of scholarly activity.”
“By the standards of leading higher education institutions.”
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