External Review for Promotion and Tenure · 29
“It depends some are asked to address scholarly activities others service, etc.”
“Local and national/international committees, leadership.”
“Only areas within criteria of which the reviewer has personal knowledge.”
“Other knowledge they may have.”
“Primarily research and scholarly work (Section 5.2) of the standards—Section 5 is Practice of Professional
“Some or all of the above, depending on the relationship and professional expertise of the external reviewer
to the candidate.”
“Tenurability or promotability comparable to their institution.”
12. How long are external reviewers given to complete the review? N=37
More than one month 20 54%
Two weeks to one month 17 46%
Less than two weeks 0 0%
13. Who are reviewers instructed to contact if they have questions about the review process or
instructions? N=38
Review committee or review committee chair 12 32%
Library dean/director 10 26%
Personnel officer 8 21%
The candidate’s immediate supervisor 5 13%
The candidate 0 0%
Other, please explain 3 8%
Selected Comments from Respondents
“This is shared between the personnel officer and the committee chair.”
“Either committee chair or personnel officer.”
“The unit director.”
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