96 · SPEC Kit 293
Pennsylvania State University
June 16, 2005
[Name and Address of External Evaluator]
Dear [Evaluator]:
Thank you for agreeing to provide a peer evaluation of [Name of Candidate], [Rank and Title of
Candidate], who is being considered for final tenure and promotion to the rank of Associate Librarian this
academic year. I would very much appreciate your evaluative comments about [Candidate’s Name]
professional performance.
University policy mandates that I seek evaluations of the candidate from professionals who are qualified
to judge the candidate’s research, scholarly qualities, career development, and contributions to the
discipline. Of particular value would be your appraisal of: (1) [Candidate’s Name] research abilities and
accomplishments, including papers given at professional meetings (2) the quality of his/her publications
(3) his/her reputation or standing in the field (4) his/her potential for further growth and achievement
and (5) whether he/she would be ranked among the most capable and promising librarians in his/her area.
It would also be helpful in our deliberations if you could rank [Candidate’s Name] contributions in
comparison with others you have known at the same stage of professional development. Enclosed you
will find a copy of his/her curriculum vita along with copies of publications selected by the candidate.
Please also describe the nature of your association with [Candidate’s Name].
Responsibilities of Libraries’ faculty include combinations of activities such as public or technical
service, collection development, instruction, committee assignments, research, and departmental
functions. Copies of Penn State’s policy on promotion and tenure as well as the University Libraries’
criteria are enclosed. Although the criterion “The Scholarship of Librarianship” will be the most
important in the evaluation process, we do expect every faculty member to engage in research and
scholarly activity appropriate to his or her own area of interest and specialization.
As a final part of this request, I would appreciate it if you would enclose, with your letter of evaluation, a
copy of your latest curriculum vita or a brief biographical statement to assist me in writing a brief
description of the professional accomplishments of the people who write external letters for the
I am aware of the imposition that this inquiry provides however, I assure you that guidance from
individuals like yourself is vital to our decision-making process. An early reply would be most
appreciated as we do hope to have all letters in the file by August 29, 2005. My office fax number is 814-
865-3665 and you may use this method of transmittal for your response with assurances of
confidentiality. It is Penn State policy to keep your letter confidential and to share it only with the
promotion and tenure review committees and administrators responsible for making recommendations on
promotion and tenure.
Thank you for your assistance in this important matter.
Nancy L. Eaton
Dean, University Libraries
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