External Review for Promotion and Tenure · 55
University of Kansas
B. Evaluation of Research, Scholarship, Creative or Artistic Performance
Guidelines for External The purpose of external peer evaluations is to provide an independent, unbiased
Evaluations evaluation of the candidate’s scholarly attainment in the discipline. Comments
and reviews by outside scholars and professionals in the same discipline or
performance area shall be provided as part of the material forwarded to UCPT.
All files are expected to contain 6 external evaluations. In exceptional cases,
the number may be less than 6, but never fewer than 4 evaluations. The
department must provide a justification for files with less than 6 evaluations.
NOTE: The solicitation process for external evaluations should begin in
sufficient time to confirm and receive six evaluations providing thorough
appraisals of the candidate’s work. All evaluations solicited and received are
required to be included in the file.
Identification of Reviewers The school or department is responsible for making every effort to obtain
qualified evaluators who can provide fair and objective assessments of the
candidate's work.
Qualifications of Evaluators: It is expected that outside evaluators will hold a
rank at a level at least equal to the rank to which the candidate is seeking
promotion at an institution comparable to KU or have comparable professional
standing in a non-academic setting. Evaluators should possess credentials that
will document their expertise in evaluating the candidate’s work within the
context of the discipline or profession.
Objectivity: One criterion in determining the degree of objectivity of external
evaluators is the nature of the relationships with the candidate. Therefore,
external evaluators must not include individuals who have a close academic or
personal connection with the candidate (for example, dissertation advisors,
former professors, graduate school colleagues, co-authors, KU faculty, personal
friends, one's own former students, etc.). In rare cases, the candidate’s
specialized research or very narrow, specialized field of expertise requires
drawing from individuals with close professional connections. In these
instances, the unit is responsible for explaining and justifying an exception to
this requirement. This justification should be transmitted to the UCPT.
While the University does not have a standardized university-wide selection
procedure, all department/School processes must meet the following
The department is responsible for using its judgment in the final
selection of external evaluators. Candidates must not themselves solicit
recommendations, nor must they provide recommendations or
evaluations for themselves.
The candidate should be asked to provide up to 4 names of potential
external evaluators and may identify up to 2 individuals who they
prefer to not be reviewers.
The criteria and process for selection of external evaluators must be
communicated to the candidate.
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