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07/31/2006 10:43 AM Appendices to Procedures for Peer Review Committees for Library Faculty
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strengths and weaknesses
6. assess referee's willingness to be placed on a list of referees to be contacted at promotion time.
(If significant reservations are expressed about any area of job performance, Peer Review Committee members should strongly urge that the
appropriate library administrator address these issues with the candidate explicitly, providing specific suggestions as to how performance might
be improved.)
Appendix 5
NOTE: This letter is to be issued by the University Librarian’s Office, not by members of PRC.
An email message to external evaluators asking whether they would be willing to serve as external evaluators should be sent by members of the
PRC. This will be followed by an official letter from the University Librarian’s Office to those willing to serve as external reviewers.
Sample request to external referees regarding candidate's research and scholarship in 3Y and beyond
Dear Prof. Appletree:
I am on the Peer Review Committee (a review committee) for Professor Albert Einstein that will be undertaking a formal review of his progress
in the third year of his probationary period. The procedures at the University of Illinois require formal external evaluations of tenure-track
faculty at intermediate points in their career. This evaluation is being conducted to inform the candidate and the University of strengths and
weaknesses that may have an impact on the future tenure decision.
I am asking you to assist us by evaluating Professor Einstein's record in scholarship and contributions to the profession by evidence of valuable
leadership and service. I am enclosing Professor Einstein's vita, as well as a recent offprint(s) for your convenience. It would be most helpful if
you would refer to specific items in your assessment.
The Peer Review Committee would be grateful for your prompt response to this request which should be addressed to me. Our deadline for
receipt of your evaluation (by fax: ,by e-mail, or letter )is ---------.Since we realize that your thoughtful review and evaluation of our colleague
will require careful consideration, if you are UNABLE to do so at this time, would you please advise me at your earliest convenience.
The policy of the University of Illinois is to hold in confidence all letters of evaluation. Only the committees and administrative officers directly
responsible for the tenure process will have access to your comments. It will not be provided to the candidate unless we are required specifically
and legally to do so.
Appendix 6
Possible questions for use by Peer Review Committee when interviewing internal referees:
Reference and Information Service
1. When at work, is the librarian available to assist users?
2. Is the librarian approachable to users?
3. How would you rate your level of satisfaction in finding the information you need through this person?
4. Does the librarian show initiative in offering professional help?
5. In your opinion, what is the librarian’s level of knowledge in respect to various information sources relating to your field of expertise?
6. Does the librarian show innovative approaches to the provision of service?
7. Have you attended any instructional sessions conducted by this librarian? If yes, how would you rate the value of the same?
8. Generally speaking, how would you rate the librarian's communication skills?
9. What is your overall opinion as the librarian's professional competency in the area of reference service?
Collection Development
1. In your opinion, does the librarian keep abreast of research and current developments in your field of expertise?
2. Are you satisfied that the librarian is doing everything possible to identify and acquire materials published in your field of expertise?
3. Does the librarian respond to faculty/user suggestions regarding materials for acquisition?
4. In the event of the library not being able to acquire requested material, are you satisfied with the librarian's explanation or suggestion for
an alternative means of acquiring the same material?
5. In your opinion, is the librarian helpful to users in regard to specific inquiries (such as following up on book orders already placed,
making inquiries concerning items in binding, etc.)?
6. Does the library acquire recently published materials in your area of expertise in a timely manner?
7. Allowing for the fact that library budgets and collection development policies do not usually permit comprehensive acquisition in any
single are, do you consider that the librarian is making appropriate choices of items to purchase out of the entire range of material
published in your field of expertise?
8. What is your overall impression of the librarian's performance in respect to building the collection generally?
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