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07/31/2006 10:47 AM Outside Review Letter Template
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Date:..................................................................Re: Candidate's Name
From: Chair, PRC Review Committee also include the address, e-mail, and phone/fax numbers to be used by the reviewer in
responding to this request, or in seeking further contact before writing the review.
To: Name and address of reviewer
Dear Mr./Ms. ???:
Candidate's name, who is currently a [Librarian II or other rank], is being considered for promotion to the rank of [Librarian III
or IV] with expectation of continuing employment. We would very much appreciate your help in evaluating this candidate's
professional achievements.
The University Library System expects that those promoted to the rank of [Librarian III, or Librarian IV] will be excellent
librarians and mature professionals whose achievements have won recognition (for Librarian IV, exceptional recognition) both
by librarians outside the University and by the candidate's faculty-librarian colleagues, and whose presence on the faculty
enhances the prestige of the University. Promotion to this rank is not a recognition of length of service, but rather of outstanding
librarianship and excellent professional activities. In making your evaluation, which should focus on the achievements of the
candidate, it would be helpful if you would:
1. comment upon the degree of recognition achieved in the candidate's field of librarianship
2. evaluate the scope and significance of the candidate's scholarly achievements and their importance within librarianship or the
general discipline
3. rank the candidate relative to other librarians in the same field of librarianship and at a comparable level of professional
4. provide any additional insights that may be helpful in determining whether or not to recommend promotion to [Librarian III,
or Librarian IV].
For your convenience we enclose [Candidate's name's] curriculum vitae, copies of some of his/her latest works (see
Guidelines…, appropriate sections for ULS descriptions of publications and creative works), and a copy of the ULS
It is the policy of the University of Pittsburgh that external letters be held in confidence. However, in the event of litigation or a
governmental investigation, the candidate or others may gain access to the information contained in these letters.
We would appreciate receiving your evaluation by [Month Date, Year] if possible, since the review process requires all
materials to be in hand as early in the academic year as possible. We are very grateful for your help in this matter.
Signed, Name and Title
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