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I. Review of Members of the Librarian Series
F. Review Initiator’s Role
Academic Personnel Procedures for Librarians: Represented Librarians page 31
August 23, 2004
a. Letters are required in all accelerated reviews and in all cases where the candidate is
being considered for promotion, accelerated advancement, career status, advancement to
Librarian, Step VI, or termination.
b. Letters may be solicited at the discretion of the Review Initiator in other cases as well,
especially when the Review Initiator does not have firsthand knowledge of the
candidate’s performance in a certain area, when there is a likelihood that the candidate
will not agree with the recommendation, or when no letters have been solicited for a
review of the candidate in at least five years. When the Review Initiator exercises his or
her discretion to solicit letters, the Review Initiator shall include the reason for soliciting
letters in his or her letter of recommendation.
c. When letters are to be solicited, the Review Initiator shall give the candidate an
opportunity to suggest names of persons who are familiar with the candidate’s
performance. The candidate shall indicate the area(s) of performance about which the
named persons might be particularly knowledgeable. Letters solicited by the Review
Initiator shall include a reasonable number from the names provided by the candidate
d. The candidate may also list names of persons who, for reasons set forth in writing, might
not objectively evaluate, in a letter or on a committee, the candidate’s qualifications or
performance. Any such statement provided by the candidate shall be included in the
review record. The Review Initiator may solicit letters from persons that the candidate
has indicated might not be objective if the Review Initiator feels strongly that those
persons would be appropriate. If this is the case, the review record must include both the
candidate’s statement indicating inappropriate referees and reasons for their
inappropriateness and the Review Initiator’s reasons for soliciting letters from them.
e. Both the candidate’s list and the Review Initiator’s list shall become part of the review
f. If the candidate is in a supervisory position, letters may be solicited from librarians in the
supervisory chain below the candidate.
g. The Review Initiator is not required to solicit letters from all individuals suggested by the
candidate, nor is the Review Initiator restricted to that list of names. Indeed, the Review
Initiator shall solicit letters from others when he/she deems them to be important sources
for evaluation.
h. The Review Initiator’s request for a letter shall include the candidate’s résumé when
evaluation of publications is sought, it is also helpful to include copies of publications not
otherwise easily obtainable for the letter writer’s reference. In addition, when soliciting
letters from UCI librarians, the Review Initiator shall include the candidate’s position
profile(s) for the Criterion One period under review.
i. All solicited letters received must be included in the review record, including
communications in response to a solicitation which state that a letter will not be supplied.
University of California, Irvine
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