24 · SPEC Kit 293
“The reviewer’s publication record, activity in professional associations, experience with faculty status, and
employment at one of our peer institutions.”
“We look for a reviewer from a comparable institution, reviewer holds a position at a comparable institution
that allows him/her to serve as a reviewer and, if possible, the reviewer comes from an institution that has a
similar personnel process/system.”
“What part of the candidate’s qualifications the individual can address.”
4. How many external reviewers are sought for each P/T/CA candidate? N=37
Minimum Maximum Mean Median Std Dev
1 10 5.3 5.0 2.2
5. Who contacts potential external reviewers? N=38
Review committee or review committee chair 14 38%
Library dean/director 8 22%
Personnel officer 8 22%
The candidate’s immediate supervisor 4 11%
The candidate 0 0%
Other, please explain 4 8%
Selected Comments from Respondents
“Candidate’s immediate supervisor OR personnel officer.”
“This is a shared responsibility between the Personnel Officer and the Promotion and Tenure Committee
“Assistant to the Dean on behalf of the Dean.”
“Unit director.”
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