88 · SPEC Kit 293
University of California, Los Angeles
[insert date]
[insert name]
[insert address]
Dear _____________:
[Susi Smith, Associate Librarian V, of the _____Library/Department/Unit] is being
considered for [insert action or actions] in the Librarian Title series at the UCLA Library.
Your name has been provided by the candidate as someone with whom [he/she] has interacted in
the course of fulfilling [his/her] professional responsibilities. In order to develop as complete an
assessment file as possible, I invite you to comment on the individual’s professional
performance, as you are familiar with it. I ask that you focus primarily on the period under
review which is from [Month Year] to [Month Year], but encourage you to also comment as
you see fit on any particular achievements and contributions prior to this review period.
The candidate’s chief responsibilities as [insert functional title, i.e., such as Social Sciences
Reference Librarian] include [insert brief overview of duties].
In judging suitability for advancement within the Librarian Title series at the University of
California, the Committee on Appointment, Promotion &Advancement (CAPA) and the
University Librarian consider professional competence and quality of service within the library,
professional activity outside the library, University and public service, and research and other
creative activities. Professional service and achievement may be judged on the local, state,
national, or international recognition it is accorded, on the degree and significance of influence
and impact it has had on the University or the profession, and the degree of eminence in
creativity, originality, insight, comprehensiveness, and scholarly or professional quality
displayed in its execution.
I would appreciate your sending me your objective appraisal of [insert name of candidate]
activities, accomplishments, and contributions, as you know of them, and your comments
relating to professional performance or achievements in areas where you have firsthand
knowledge. Of special interest and assistance to those involved in the review process are details
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