38 · SPEC Kit 293
University of Arizona
Note to candidate and to department head: The function of outside evaluators is to provide
independent assessments of the candidate's work and professional standing. For this reason, it is
essential that the candidate not influence, or attempt to influence, the assessment provided by the
outside evaluators. The candidate may submit names of possible evaluators to the department head
however, no more than half of the total evaluators may be from the candidate's list.
If the candidate has engaged in extensive collaboration, and the ability of the candidate to
make independent contributions may be difficult to ascertain, it may be helpful to request letters from
one or more of his/her collaborators describing the extent and nature of the candidate's contribution
to the collaboration.
A sample letter to outside evaluators is included as Appendix D. Deviate from the wording of
the sample letter only with the permission of your dean. The content of all questions included in the
sample letter must be included in your letter unless you have permission from the Provost to
Include in the dossier:
† One sample copy of request letter sent by department head or head of department
review committee
† Summary of process used to select outside evaluators to be provided by department
† List all outside evaluators recommended by candidate
† List additional outside evaluators recommended and by whom
† List all outside evaluators contacted whether or not they agreed to serve as evaluators
† Describe criteria used in selecting outside evaluators
† Describe who selected final list of outside evaluators
† Brief statement on each evaluator's national or international standing
(Identify those who can be judged as independent of the candidate. Do not include full CV.)
† Letters from Outside Evaluators
† Three to eight letters from similar academic departments outside the University of
Arizona dated within one year of the department committee's report
† All letters must be from independent, outside evaluators who are not the candidate's
major professor, co-author, dissertation advisor, or otherwise closely associated with
† All letters received from outside evaluators must be included
† Letters from Collaborators
† Letter(s) describing extent and nature of candidate's contribution to collaboration
when candidate has engaged in extensive collaborative work
† Letters of Evaluation
Department heads should clarify how letters of evaluation were solicited.
† By University of Arizona faculty colleagues
† By present or former graduate students
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