70 · SPEC Kit 293
Pennsylvania State University
(including only section dealing with external letters of assessment)
G. External Letters of Assessment
1. External letters of assessment must be obtained for candidates being reviewed for
sixth-year or early tenure and for promotion.
2. Dossiers shall include a minimum of four letters from external evaluators.
3. The college dean is responsible for obtaining external letters of assessment.
4. The process of obtaining external letters of assessment should begin far enough in
advance of the review process that letters are in the dossier and available to
review committees and administrators at all levels of review. If letters arrive after
the review process has begun, individuals involved in those levels of review
already completed shall be notified by the dean of the receipt of the letters,
provided with access to the letters, and provided with an opportunity to reconsider
their recommendation.
5. A log shall be inserted in the dossier to document:
a. Date of request to external evaluator
b. Date of receipt of letter from external evaluator
c. Date of entry of letter in dossier.
6. The log shall not be made available to the candidate at any time.
7. The college dean shall be responsible for providing a statement explaining the
method by which the external evaluators were selected.
8. The college dean shall be responsible for providing a brief biographical statement
about the qualifications of the external evaluator special attention should be
given to documenting the evaluator's standing in his or her discipline as part of
the biographical statement.
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