92 · SPEC Kit 293
Kent State University
Professor______________, a member of the faculty of Libraries and Media Services at Kent State
University, is standing for __[promotion/tenure]__________ this year. He/she has indicated to me that
you have agreed to serve as an external reference for him/her. I am, therefore, requesting that you write a
letter in which you address qualifications and achievements relevant to _________candidacy in each of
these categories.
I am enclosing two documents that you may find helpful. The first is the Libraries and Media
Services policy on tenure which outlines our criteria for the achievement of tenure. Candidates at Kent
State University are evaluated in the area of job performance, service to the profession, and in the four
scholarships defined by Ernest Boyer:
The Scholarship of Application,
The Scholarship of Teaching,
The Scholarship of Integration,
The Scholarship of Discovery.
The second document, “The Professional Culture of Libraries and Media Services Faculty at Kent State
University,” includes our interpretation of Boyer’s principles.
Your comments may be based on both your personal knowledge of Professor _______work and
your perusal of the enclosed materials. Your letters should be sent to me at the address below no later than
________[date]________. Please contact [___________]if you have any questions.
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