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07/31/2006 10:32 AM DIRECTIONS FOR 2005-2006 PERSONNEL ACTIONS
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Last Revision: 6/14/2005
Duplicate and distribute the personnel action calendar widely to all those who will
be affected by it, including personnel committees, candidates, and secretaries.
Photocopy the page entitled MATERIALS TO BE SUBMITTED and provide copies
directly to candidates for tenure (or continuing status for academic
professionals) and promotion so that they will know what is to come forward to
the university committee and to the Office of the Executive Vice President and
University Provost. Draw their attention to the ability to make a statement
(maximum of four pages) about their career goals and how their work ties
together into an overall plan.
A current copy of the unit’s/department’s approved promotion and
tenure/continuing status review criteria needs to be included in the
unit’s/department’s submission to the dean. The dean will then forward
the unit/department criteria, as well as a current copy of the college’s
approved promotion and tenure review criteria, to the Office of the
Executive Vice President and University Provost along with a cover memo
listing the names of the candidate(s) file(s) to be reviewed.
The unit’s written criteria concerning evaluation for tenure and promotion
must address evaluation issues pertaining to faculty who participate as
affiliated faculty or as “core faculty” in another program, such as a
department, center, institute, or interdisciplinary program. [See ACD 506-
With recent changes in ACD policy, probationary reviews for assistant professors
(hired 2003/04 or thereafter) have been moved to third-year reviews (midway in
their promotion and tenure review cycle) untenured associate professors (hired
2003/04 or thereafter) will continue to have their probationary reviews (midpoint)
in their second year.
Be scrupulous in following the directions below for soliciting outside letters:
1. In comprising the list of external reviewers, half should be selected from
the candidate’s suggested reviewers and the other half from the
chair/dean’s suggested list of reviewers. The unit head must consult
with the dean in determining his/her list.
2. Requests should be virtually the same for all candidates from a unit.
3. Requests should be written in neutral terms so as not to communicate that
you are asking for either a negative or a positive endorsement. [See
sample letter #1.] Be sure to designate if the candidate is being
reviewed for promotion only, tenure only, or both promotion and
4. The packet of accompanying materials should be up-to-date and carefully
prepared by the candidate (except for your letter) to present a well-
rounded picture. It should resemble the packet that will come forward to
the University Tenure and Promotion Committee (minus the evaluations),
i.e., a table of contents, an updated vita, a statement from the candidate
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