External Review for Promotion and Tenure · 25
6. In your experience, how often are potential reviewers unable or unwilling to perform an
external review? N=37
Frequently 1 3%
Occasionally 29 78%
Never 7 19%
Selected Comments from Respondents
“’Rarely’ would be a better answer. Very few say no.”
“Almost never. They are asked to nominate alternates.”
“Frequently is about 1 out of 3.”
“Only if overextended due to other requests or personal reasons.”
“Sometimes a reviewer will not respond. Many supervisors write to six or more reviewers to ensure that we
get at least three letters. We also suggest the supervisor provide at least a month for the reviewer to write and
“The one or two times that the reviewer was not able to participate resulted from their unavailability during
the review period.”
“This occurs when the reviewer discloses information that makes the reviewer ineligible such as not having
faculty rank, or not tenured.”
The Candidate’s Portfolio
7. When is the candidate’s portfolio sent to the external reviewer? N=36
After (s)he has agreed to perform the review 24 67%
With initial inquiry letter 12 33%
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