84 · SPEC Kit 293
Arizona State University
(for faculty)
Dear Professor _________________:
On behalf of the Department of _________________in the College of __________________,I
am writing to request your service as an external reviewer for
____________________(candidate’s name) who has requested consideration for
____________(promotion to the rank of associate professor, tenure, promotion to full, etc.)
Arizona State University, as a major Research institution committed to excellence, is making a
concerted effort to promote and/or tenure the strongest candidates possible in each of its
programs. Accordingly, we would very much appreciate your assistance in evaluating the merits
of Professor __________’s record of research and professional service. Evaluations of the
candidate’s instruction are conducted internally, but if you have information about the quality of
Professor _________’s contributions to pedagogy we welcome comments on that aspect of the
candidate’s case. (This should be modified as necessary if the department is sending out
instructional materials for review).
Enclosed is Professor _________’s vita, copies of (his/her) major publications and papers, (add
personal statement if you are going to include it), and the department/unit promotion &tenure
criteria. Our review procedures require that specialists in the candidate’s field evaluate the
candidate’s research and professional service record. Neither the names of the referees nor the
contents of their letters are shared with the candidate. Your letter of evaluation will be made
available to the Promotion and Tenure Committee in the Department of ____________,and will
become part of the candidate’s file reviewed by appropriate committees and administrators at the
college and university levels.
We ask reviewers to do the following
1. Provide a brief statement regarding your acquaintance with the candidate
2. Evaluate the candidate’s research, creative activity, publications, and professional service
with respect to their quality and their impact on the candidate’s field or subfield --the
more detailed your analysis and evaluation of the candidate’s work the more useful your
review will be to our deliberations
3. Evaluate the suitability of the candidate for tenure (continuing status if an AP) and/or
promotion based upon the enclosed criteria of our department here at ASU
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